During the academic terms, Louis Turner goes into schools at the rate of about once every ten days. He offers:

  • 3D printing demonstrations, in which he runs a 3D printer and displays a collection of prints he has made over recent years. These can be supplemented by letting students experiment with 3Doodlers - pens allowing them to "draw" 3-dimensional plastic structures.

  • Workshops on CAD programmes - Tinkercad for primary schools; Fusion 360 for secondaries

  • Illustrated presentations to classes or school assemblies on 3D printing's potential. These can be tailored to specific needs. He has anything from 8 minute ones for primary school assemblies, to a 60 minute one to Exeter University's Business School

  • As a STEM ambassador, he can also use 3D printing as a hook for discussing chemical and environmental issues around the properties of plastics.


Depending on the availability of printers, we could offer schools a scheme whereby some student designs which are completed in a particular class one week are printed and returned to the school in time for the following week's class.


It is difficult for us to offer work experience as there's not much to do while a printer is churning a print out for five or more hours. However, it might be possible to offer a week's arms-length mentoring. The student would be introduced to 3D printing one morning and would spend the afternoon working on a CAD design project under supervision. During the next three days, the student would work from home or school developing one or more designs for ultimate printing. Louis would link up collaboratively and would steer/critique these projects. On the final day, one or more of these designs would be printed.