Autodesk Fusion 360 - Day-long Workshops - May 9/10

  • Introductory workshop - Tue 9 May - 9.30-17.00
    • £49
    • Attendance capped at 20
  • Advanced workshop - Wed 10 May - 9.30-17.00
    • £99
    • Attendance capped at 8
  • Location
    • Carvynick Country Club, Summercourt TR8 5AF
    • (a 5 minute drive off the A30 just north of Truro)


  • Mastering 3D design is increasingly critical for tomorrow's engineers, product and industrial designers, artists and other creatives. Fusion 360 is challenging Solidworks as the CAD package of choice for serious 3D designers, being competitively priced, collaborative, faster and more flexible, with the ability to run on both Macs and PCs.
  • Fusion 360 is a cloud-based, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, 3D product creation software application that also includes extremely powerful tools for advanced users.

Who will benefit?

  • Tuesday 9 May will be aimed at novice or relatively inexperienced designers
  • Wednesday 10 May will allow experienced designers to hone their skills with hands-on guidance from the experienced Steve Cox

Why this is important for Cornwall

  • These workshops are located close to the A30 so they can be reached easily from all parts of Cornwall
  • The creative sector is one of the main drivers of the evolving Cornish economy
  • Good 3D design linked to digital making (3D printing, laser cutting etc) will allow us to localise high value production in the Duchy

What you will learn (Beginners and Intermediates)

  • The course will be a mixture of interactive exposition (morning) and a hands-on practical challenge (afternoon)
  • Introductory overview to Fusion 360's philosophy
  • Turning sketches into 3D objects and parametric 3D Models
  • Sculpting: push pull gestures to form a body to a complex freeform shape.
  • Importing CAD data and other types of files, including documents, images, and specifications.
  • How to work collaboratively: sharing your CAD files, version management, and workgroup access.
  • Sharing work across platforms and devices
  • Working with others you will design an advanced automobile steering wheel
  • Introduction to simulation techniques to gain crucial information on a product’s performance and strength
  • A sense of the main differences between Solidworks and this package.
  • Useful Resources document that will contain links to various online tutorials and further training

What you will learn (Advanced designers)

  • Depending on the gaps in your existing skills, Steve will update you
  • Where you give advance notice of issues you need resolving, Steve will work with you
  • A deeper analysis of the main differences between Solidworks and Fusion 360
  • Simulation techniques to gain crucial information on a product’s performance and strength
  • Assembly modeling: how to use both traditional distributed design and top-down (multi-body) approaches
  • How to take designs into fabrication (tool paths and machine code to cut, turn and mill designs)

Background to Steve Cox - the workshop leader

  • 3D Technologies Consultant, Amfori Consulting
  • Project Engineer/Engineering Manager: Jaguar Land Rover 1983-2013
  • Now an evangelist for 3D Printing and Design
  • Education Ambassador for Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Education Ambassador for Ultimaker CREATE Education Project

Testimonials from past attendees

  • "Steve Cox is an expert in 3D design"
  • "Very interactive, good humoured, full of hands-on examples"
  • "Illustrated how 3D printing could be used to produce real-world objects"
  • "Very dynamic, based on practical exercises …. Plenty of time for questions"
  • "Fusion 360 could become a cult"
    • "Very versatile, easy-to-pick up, shoot-from-the-hip interface"


  • Please email your interest in attending to
  • Queries to 0790 5204 677
  • Giving Name, position and any institutional affiliation, phone number and email address
  • We will invoice you
  • Your registration will only be confirmed when the invoice is paid
  • Numbers are limited so we will take registrations on a first-come-first-confirmed basis


  • You will need to download Fusion 360 in advance
    • This is free to Startups, Hobbyists and Enthusiasts
    • Mainstream corporate executives can still download a fully functional 30 day free trial
  • Bring it loaded on a laptop
  • Re Catering: to keep prices down, we are only providing tea, coffee and biscuits during the day.
    • There are catering options on the site; otherwise you will need to bring a packed lunch