3D printing expands the options open to creatives. It allows

  • Design experimentation using structures often impossible to produce by conventional means

  • Experimentation before firming designs up

  • Personalisation and localisation of art

  • Scaling - the increase or reduction in the size of structures

  • Replication through scanning and printing

We have worked with sculptors

  • Mark Verry took one of our machines to the Penwith Gallery in St Ives for a month

  • John O'Connell asked us to scan and make multiple copies of a stone axe head for an exhibition of his art in Amsterdam

  • Gary and Thomas Thrussell had us turn 250 photos of their Isla - "Rook with a Book" sculpture om Fowey into a 15 cm print which they then used to produce a bronze cast.

We have arranged 3D printing demonstrations of 2-5 weeks duration in

  • Falmouth Art Gallery

  • The Poly

  • Circle (John O'Connell and Lucy Thorman)

  • Penwith Gallery (through Mark Verry)

  • St Agnes Maker Space