We are Cornwall's first commercial 3D printing hub, with the social goal of spreading the 3D Printing message round the Duchy. We have been printing since the summer of 2015 and now have clients ranging from corporate prototypers, through jewellers, students, hobbyists, arts centres, house restorers and a marionette designer. At the same time, we have been working with bodies like the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and the Cornwall Marine Network to take this message into schools at the rate of around once every ten days during the last couple of academic years. In January 2017 we invested in a twin-nozzle Ultimaker 3, which means we can both print designs with complex interiors, and also in two colours. In the Autumn of 2017, we invested in two Formlabs' Form1+s, which mean we can now print in resin as well, which is useful for those wanting to print to degrees of accuracy not possible with the Ultimakers. We are steadily increasing the range of materials we can print with. We have one device under water in Falmouth Harbour, testing its performance in sea water. We have also printed in a filament which is 20% carbon fibre.

In a test in autumn 2017, we found that one resin-printed device could withstand tension of 210 kg before breaking. An item printed in our basic thermoplastic could handle 160 kg. We are entering a project to stress-test a range of printed items to deepen our knowledge about which printing techniques and materials will produce the best results for different kinds of clients.


You can find us on the 3D Hubs network -  www.3dhubs.com/plymouth/hubs/3dkernow

We can handle most prints of up to 20 cm cubed (though an object that large would take days to print). We can print at different speeds and to different degrees of precision. There's a vast range of colours you can call on and, if you require some particular kind of structural performance, we can advise on the filament which will best suit your needs.

If you would like to get a price estimate, click on the button below, and link an STL or OBJ file into it. This will give you a no-obligation quotation.

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